"World Class Plastics has been successful because we are managed by owners who truly care about people."

Steve Buchenroth, CEO
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Our Team



Owner and CEO, Steve Buchenroth

President, Mark Seeley

Vice President, Scott Wisniewski


Steve Buchenroth
Mark Seeley
Scott Wisniewski
Our Team



Business Development Manager, Dustin Buchenroth

Tooling Manager, Rob Harter

Technical Sales and R&D Manager, David Wisniewski

Facility Manager, W.C. Wagoner

Quality Manager, Matt Watkins

Sales & Purchasing Manager, Terry Ochi

Human Resource Manager, Lori Fisher

Accounting Manager, Gary L. Anderson

Continuous Improvement Manager, Nick Wisniewski

Manufacturing Manager, Beccy Keating

Production Engineering Manager, Dan Notestine

Dustin Buchenroth
Rob Harter
David Wisniewski
W.C. Wagoner
Matt Watkins
Terry Ochi
Lori Fisher
Gary Anderson
Nick Wisniewski
Beccy Keating
Dan Notestine
Our Team



Customer Service Coordinator, Amy Garver

Quality Coordinator, Kathy Stewart

IT Coordinator, Becky Cronkleton

Shift Coordinator, Brenda Thomas

Manufacturing Scheduler, Mark Luzader

Quality Coordinator, Aby Stowers

Production Coordinator, Joyce Keith

Production Coordinator, Julie Pearson

Project Coordinator, Rennie Putnam


Amy Garver
Kathy Stewart
Becky Cronkleton
Brenda Thomas
Mark Luzader
Aby Stowers
Joyce Keith
Julie Pearson
Rennie Putnam


Steve Buchenroth, CEO

Steve Buchenroth is the Chief Executive Officer of World Class Plastics, Inc. and the President, owner and operator of Midwest Corporate Air, Inc.

Steve is a 1980 graduate of Indian Lake High School, and a 1986 graduate of The Ohio State University where he earned a BS degree in Business Administration.

Steve is a former aviator and Captain in the United States Air Force / Air National Guard, where he flew the F4 Phantom. Today he is a corporate and charter pilot as well as a flight instructor with Midwest Corporate Air, Inc.

As CEO, Steve is directly involved with establishing and maintaining corporate policy, organizational goals and objectives, long range strategic planning and has financial control, holding 85% of World Class Plastic stock.

Steve strives hard to eliminate waste, keep things simple, lean and clean and wants his employees to have fun while working. Steve is quoted as saying "set up the system with the people, training them to the system they helped create and let them manage the system through numbers and audits."

Mark Seeley, President

Mark Seeley is the President of World Class Plastics. As a board member, he shares responsibility for the overall direction of the company, business planning, and market development.

Mark is directly responsible for the day-to-day operations of World Class Plastics and the effectiveness of each department.

Mark is a home school graduate of Christian Cottage Schools. The last 2.5 years of high school were completed in Malawi, Africa, where his parents were missionaries.

Upon completion of high school, he attended The Ohio State University where he graduated with a BS degree in Business Administration in 1998 with majors in both Economics and Finance.

In 1998, Mark started as a mold tech at World Class Plastics after prior automotive and injection molding experiences. In 1999, Mark was promoted to Finance Manager and promoted again in 2002 to VP of Finance. He held this position until 2007 when he was promoted to President.

Mark and his wife have 2 children. Mark's enjoys spending time with his church, his family and hiking the great outdoors.

Scott Wisniewski, Vice President

Scott Wisniewski is a 15% owner and the Vice President of Operations for World Class Plastics. As an owner and board member, he shares responsibility for the overall direction of the company, business planning, and market development.

Scott maintains oversight of tooling, engineering and facility maintenance. He directly manages manufacturing operations, capital equipment acquisition, external tooling builds, and process engineering.

Scott is a 1986 graduate of Southwestern High School and Buckeye Hills Joint Vocational School. Scott attended Shawnee State University and graduated in 1988 with an Associate degree in Plastics Engineering Technology.

Scott has been employed in the plastics industry since graduation and is well known for his engineering and manufacturing capability. Scott is one of the original three co-founders of World Class Plastics, Inc.

As an ordained minister, Scott spends time calling on community members when they are sick or ill and has been a Youth Pastor at the Ohio Freewill Baptist Church in Degraff, Ohio.

Scott, and his wife Ella, have two children Justin and Sarah, and reside in Bellefontaine, Ohio. Scott enjoys playing guitar and gospel music at church.

Dustin Buchenroth, Business Development Manager

Dustin started at World Class Plastics in 2011 as the Business Development Manager. Primarily, he is tasked with researching and developing new business opportunities, not only with new customers, but also in new markets. Further, he assists in company marketing, as well as website development and social media integration. Dustin has earned the Master Molder I certification from RJG, Inc.

Dustin is a 2002 graduate of Indian Lake High School. He matriculated to The Ohio State University where he graduated summa cum laude in 2006 with a BS in Aeronautical & Astronautical Engineering. In 2007, he received his MS from Ohio State in the same field. While enrolled in the Master of Science program, Dustin was employed by OSU as a Graduate Teaching Assistant, working primarily as a laboratory instructor in both sub-sonic and super-sonic wind tunnel experimentation. He also worked as a flight instructor on the weekends, and during college breaks.

After college, Dustin became a Distinguished Graduate of the Academy of Military Science and was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the US Air Force. From 2007-2009, he attended Euro-NATO Joint Jet Pilot Training at Sheppard Air Force Base, TX, and graduated at the top of his class academically. Dustin completed his initial training in the F-16 Fighting Falcon at Luke Air Force Base, AZ, in 2010. Soon after, Captain Buchenroth became an operational F-16 pilot at the Toledo Air National Guard base in Ohio, where he still serves today as a traditional guardsman.

Dustin is also certified by the FAA as a commercial, instrument, multi-engine pilot with over 2500 hours of civilian and military flight time. Additionally, he is qualified as an instrument and multi-engine flight instructor. As such, he serves as the Corporate Pilot for World Class Plastics.

He resides in Quincy, OH, with his wife Natasha, and their two sons, Cale and Graham.

Rob Harter, Tooling Manager

Rob Harter is the Tooling Manager at World Class Plastics, Inc and is responsible for tool maintenance, tool repair and internal tool builds. Rob reports directly to Scott Wisniewski, the Vice President of Operations.

Rob has a 22 year background in tool building, tool design modification and tool repair. Rob prioritizes tooling issues and insures that repairs and changes are completed in a timely manner. Using internal staff Rob maintains external resources to keep production downtime to a minimum.

Rob is married with two sons.

David Wisniewski, Technical Sales and R&D Manager

David Wisniewski is the Technical Sales and R&D Manager for World Class Plastics, Inc. David’s management responsibilities includes design, process sampling and documentation and special projects as well as quote preparation and sales calls. David's work is instrumental in World Class Plastics APQP process.

David is a graduate of Southwestern High School and holds an Associate degree in Plastics Engineering Technology from Shawnee State University. David has also attended numerous seminars and postgraduate education classes. David is certified to Master Molder 2 by RJG, Inc.

David holds 2 U.S. patents and has been directly employed in the plastics industry since 1986. David worked in Plastics Research and Technical Service dept at The Dow Chemical Company for 10 years prior to working at World Class Plastics, Inc.

David and his wife, Laura, have two children; Caleb and Nathan.

“World Class Plastics has the hardest working, most dedicated management team I’ve ever worked with”

W.C. Wagoner, Facility Manager

W.C. Wagoner is the Facility Manager at World Class Plastics, Inc. He is directly responsible for our facility and equipment maintenance, construction and installation. He also has shared responsibility for equipment automation.

W.C. has attended numerous facility and maintenance seminars and we believe he is THE BEST Facility Manager a company could ever have.

W.C. and his wife, Melissa, have 3 children.

Matt Watkins, Quality Manager

Matt Watkins is the Quality Manager, QMR and Training Coordinator as well as ISO 9000 Quality Management Representative for World Class Plastics. Matt's responsibilities include coordinating internal and external functions for World Class Plastics' customer base and plant wide systems. Matt also oversees PPAP, corrective actions, supplier development, and training and maintenance of all training records.

Matt is a graduate of Ohio High Point JVS and ITT Technical School. Matt worked in Customer Service and Quality Assurance at AGC from 1986 until coming to World Class Plastics in 2000. Matt started at World Class Plastics as a Quality Engineer before moving up to his current positions.

Matt and his wife, Rebecca, have 4 children; Alicia, Eric,and twins Justin and Josh. He enjoys his time off canoeing, fishing and playing baseball with his kids.

Terry Ochi, Sales and Purchasing Manager

Terry Ochi is the Sales and Purchasing Manager for World Class Plastics, Inc. His greatest responsibility is in developing new opportunities for the advancement of World Class Plastics.

Terry, with his vast automotive experience and his ability to communicate in both Japanese and English, supports our customers and suppliers.

Terry is a graduate of RITSUMEIKAN University in Japan and worked for Nissen Chemitec Corporation, parent of London Industries.

Terry and his wife, Keiko, reside in Hillard and have 3 sons; Fuya, Shoya and Kazuya. Terry enjoys time with his family, life in the United States, golf, fishing and The Ohio State Buckeyes.

Lori Fisher,
Human Resource Manager

Lori Fisher is the Human Resource Manager for World Class Plastics,Inc. Lori's management responsibilities include employee payroll, benefit management, full-range human resource management, and special projects. Lori is continuing her education at Edison Community College in Piqua, Ohio, where she is working towards her associate degree in HR Management.

Lori began as a Production Tech in 1997, and moved on to Packaging Tech, Shipping Tech, Secondary Coordinator, Receptionist, Accounting Assistant, and Human Resouce Coordinator, before moving to the HR Manager.

Lori and her husband, Brian, reside in Huntsville and have three children; Ashley, Justin , Megan and two granddaughters, Rikku and Leeloo. Brian is an aircraft mechanic at Midwest Corporate Air, Inc. She enjoys golf, bowling and gardening.

Amy Garver, Customer Service Coordinator

Amy Garver is World Class Plastics' Customer Service Coordinator and is responsible for entering sales orders, receiving customer phone calls and customer requests, pulling orders, and managing the Shipping Department. Amy has been with World Class Plastics, Inc. since 1997.

Amy is a 1989 graduate of Indian Lake High School and has attended 4 years of college courses through the University of Dayton and The Ohio State University.

Amy was hired into World Class Plastics in the Packaging Department, and then spent 7 years in the Shipping Department before moving into the Customer Service Department. Amy is on the Relay for Life Team at World Class Plastics, and helps with fundraisers for that cause.

Her husband Charles works for Garver Insc. Amy enjoys reading and scrapbooking.

Kathy Stewart, Quality Coordinator

Kathy Stewart is World Class Plastics' Quality Coordinator. Her responsibilities include: internal and external quality sampling and data collection, full part layouts and CPK studies, managing the cost of poor quality as well as the hold area, and coordinating internal quality fallout. She also assists with external quality.

Kathy has attended training for 5P, as well as CMM and calibrating. She has also completed the A. Routsis injection molding training series. Kathy began at World Class Plastics in 2001, as an Operator then moved to Quality Tech. In 2004, she became a Quality Coordinator.

Kathy is a 1999 graduate of Riverside High School. Kathy and her two daughters, Maven and Emily, reside in Bellefontaine.

Becky Cronkleton, IT Coordinator

Becky Cronkleton is the IT department at World Class Plastics, Inc. Becky is in charge of 50 computers, 20 laptops, 4 servers, 30 cell phones, 40 land lines, various PDA's, and several printers and fax machines. In addition Becky is in charge of our Help Desk, EDI, e-mail, firewall, and FTP.

Becky graduated with a grade point average of 99.8 and a triple major: Micro Computer Applications, Word Processing, and Accounting. She continues learning and has received certificates for Novell Netware, Microsoft Office, and other programs. Becky worked for Belletech for 8 years, and spent 3 years at Liberty Computer before "falling in love with the atmosphere" at World Class Plastics, Inc and joining the team in 2003.

In 2008 Becky helped facilitate the 5S Team's revamp of the packing area and in 2009 the TBA Assemble area.

Becky and her husband, J.R. reside outside of Middleburg and have 2 sons; Matthew and Nathan and one granddaughter, Alexus Grace. J.R. holds a Bachelor degree in Electronics Technology and is the Parts Manager for Hillandale Farms Trucking Company. She enjoys bowling, gardening, reading, and riding Harleys.

Becky says of the IT industry "Always Changing, Always Learning".

Gary L. Anderson, Accounting Manager

Gary serves as the accountant for World Class Plastics, Inc. Gary’s duties include performing analytical, budgetary and financial activities, focusing in competitively positioning World Class Plastics in the plastic injection industry.

Gary has attended Sinclair Community College, Wright State University and Urbana University. He majored in accounting and marketing and holds a Bachelor degree in Business and a MBA from Urbana University. Gary also holds a certificate in Inventory Management.

Gary and his wife Linda have five children; Carla, Galen, Brent, Amy and Matt. He and his family reside outside of Degraff, Ohio. Gary confesses to an entrepreneurial spirit and that in part is what brought him to World Class Plastics…

 “Forward Thinking and the high level of Automation here at World Class Plastics intrigued me”.

Nick Wisniewski, Continuous Improvement Manager

As Continuous Improvement Manager, Nick's involvement includes overseeing building and design of robotic assembly machines and business planning and market development through production strategy.

Nick holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Northern Illinois University. Nick's technical background has allowed him to advance the development of several automation work stations and robotics within World Class Plastics' molding process. Nick has completed the RJG Master Molder I and II, as well as earned certification for De-Coupled II and De-Coupled III processing and completed every possible training session for A-Routis and Paulson.

Nick enjoys golfing, baseball and remains dedicated to a daily run, he also enjoys tuning his remote control vehicles.

Beccy Keating, Manufacturing Manager

During Beccy's tenure at World Class Plastics, she has worked in the Quality Department, been a Production Coordinator, the Secondary Coordinator, and Scheduler. Her current responsibilities include the management of all WCPI production activities, the coordination of activities with supporting departments, implementing continuous improvement projects, and developing lean, efficient processes. Beccy is native to Scotland. She and her husband Kelly have two children: Joanne and Gavin.

Brenda Thomas, Shift Coordinator

Brenda has over 10 years experience in the Customer Service Department in the GMS of SuperFoods. She began as a production tech at World Class Plastics over 11 years ago, moving to quality tech before her current position as Quality Coordinator.

Brenda is a 1979 graduate of Indian Lake High School and resides in Lakeview. She has two children; Scott and Megan.

Mark Luzader, Manufacturing Scheduler

Mark is WCPI's Manufacturing Scheduler.

Mark began with World Class Plastics as a material handler then worked as a mold tech before becoming a production coordinator. He worked with 1st shift for two years before moving to the scheduler position where he is responsible for reviewing customer orders and scheduling them to the appropriate machine. He is responsible for inventory control and also oversees all secondary processes including ultrasonic welding, assembly, pad printing and packaging.

Mark is a 1999 graduate of Indian Lake High School and holds a Bachelor Science in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix. He resides in Lewistown, Ohio.

"As a family owned business, World Class Plastics was a chance to move back to my hometown and work for local hometown people".

Aby Stowers, Quality Coordinator

Aby is WCPI's Quality Coordinator.

Aby is the Quality Coordinator for World Class Plastics, Inc. and manages the Internal auditing and corrective action verification for all ISO 9001 activities. She also assists with Internal and External Quality activities and projects and supports corrective action activities for production.

Aby began at World Class Plastics as a Secondary Technician, moved to Production Technician, Quality Technician and then on to Shift Supervisor before being promoted to Shift Coordinator of the Day Shift. Aby has attended numerous seminars including Leadership training and specialized computer knowledge.

Aby has been with World Class Plastics for over 10 years. She and her husband Louis JR have four children and five grandchildren. They reside in Lewistown, Ohio. Louis is a Production Technician for PlasticPak Packaging, Inc.

Joyce Keith, Production Coordinator

Joyce is the 1st shift Production Coordinator.

She trains Production Technicians and places them to specific job assignments, supervises all activities in production cells and operator jobs.

Julie Pearsonr, Production Coordinator

Julie is the 3rd shift Production Coordinator.

She trains Production Technicians and places them to specific job assignments, supervises all activities in production cells and operator jobs. In Julie's tenure at WCPI she has been a production tech, a quality tech and floating production technician.

Rennie Putnam, Launch Coordinator

Rennie came to World Class as a tool builder in the tooling department.

As Launch Coordinator, his responsibilities includes coordinating new product launch activity between departments, tracking the status and progress of projects, communicating with customers and supplier partners and assisting the engineering and tooling groups with the development of programs or projects

Dan Notestine, Process Engineer

Dan started his career at WCPI in 1996. He has worked in shipping, in production, has been the Manufacturing Manager and is now WCPI's Process Engineer.

His responsibilities include supporting production with technical issues and training, developing injection molding processes for new products, designing and building end of arm tooling for automation, implementing cavity pressure technology, supporting continuous improvement activities and participating in preventive and corrective actions.