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AUTOMATION|Our Capabilities

Automation at WCPI:

  • Improves Consistency

  • Decreases Costs

  • Increases Labor Efficiency

Throughput nearly tripled since 1998, due to use of automation.



Process Automation

World Class Plastics, Inc. has been able to improve processes and decrease costs of plastic injection molded products through the use of automation.

The use of Shinwa Aeroboy programmable degating robots has allowed us to eliminate tedious hand working of tab gated parts. One associate can provide the necessary labor for multiple presses.

WCPI has built multiple automated assembly work stations incorporating the use of feeder bowls, camera systems, pick and place robotics and other systems to assemble hole plugs, stoppers and other products.

Yushin traverse robots and Motoman 6-axis robots allow us to automatically package various items. Automated inspections occur using color measurement cameras and routines programmed into our OGP optical comparator.

Injection molding Automation
Packing Automation
Injection Molding Press + Automation
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