World Class Plastics is among the top injection molding companies that specialize in plastic part design and engineering as part of our custom plastic injection molding services. We have a team of expert RJG Master Molder II-certified engineers and designers who can help bring your vision to life through our broad range of comprehensive solutions.

What is Plastic Part Design?

Our injection molding plastic part design encompasses a series of steps to create a three-dimensional plastic part that meets the project’s specifications to accomplish a superior end-use product. It mostly involves several activities simultaneously, which can be discussed at different stages. However, several factors are considered to achieve a successful outcome.

These considerations include:

  • Determine the end-user’s needs: Understanding the product’s purpose will help determine the design requirements.
  • Sketch of the concept: Customers provide a 3D model of the parts and we suggest improvements they can make.
  • Material selection: We’ll begin choosing the plastic material that will work well with the product based on the product’s application.
  • Prototype: Once the design is accomplished, the product is tested through prototyping for further evaluation. This is not done for every tool and can be an option for customers who need a few parts for concept, fitment, or testing.
  • Large-volume manufacturing: After all the prototyping, testing, and changes are completed, production can begin. This phase involves using injection molding machines to produce high-volume quantities with high consistency and repeatability.

A thorough description of the specifications listed is necessary to ensure all aspects of the plastic part design are executed accurately to achieve excellent results. Fortunately, we have the experience and capabilities required to fulfill your projects, regardless of its complexity.

Industries and Applications That Rely on Plastic Part Design

Numerous industries opt for plastic injection molding in many of their projects due to its cost-productive benefits. In addition, plastic parts and components produced through plastic injection molding are durable, although it will depend on the type of plastics used. Products made with the right plastic material may have additional beneficial properties, such as low weight, insulation, and resistance to chemical reactions.

Some of the industries and their respective applications that may need plastic part design and engineering include:

  • Automotive: Under-Hood Components, Foot Pads, Seat Components, Trim, Clips, and Fasteners.
  • Medical: Syringes, surgical instruments, and medical devices.
  • Aerospace: Interior components, panels, and door parts.
  • Electronics: Housings, connectors, and computer parts.
  • Food and Beverage: Food packaging and beverage over caps.
  • Pharmaceutical: Test kits and laboratory components.
  • Telecommunications: Smartphones and connectors.

Common plastics used in manufacturing the products listed above include Acetal, Nylon, Polycarbonate, Acrylic, ABS, Polyethylene, and many more. Their properties must align with the product’s needs and requirements to ensure a successful outcome.

Choose WCPI for Your Custom Plastic Injection Molding Project

Our plastic part design and engineering services are handled with careful precision and attention to detail, ensuring we deliver the best outcomes surpassing customer expectations. With our background knowledge of various industries, there‚Äôs a huge chance we already know what you’re looking for.

Contact us today if you want to learn more about our specialty services and how we can help with your projects. Our team can quickly find a solution that will improve your bottom line.