When in search of injection molding solutions, it is crucial to find a molding partner with the expertise and capabilities to meet all of your unique requirements. World Class Plastics, Inc. stands as a distinguished provider of plastic injection molding services, boasting decades of experience in serving clients across diverse industries. Our commitment to quality is affirmed by our ISO 9001:2015 certification, demonstrating our dedication to delivering products that meet the highest standards.

Over the years, our unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch products on time has earned us the Certified Supplier Award from Worthington Cylinders on multiple occasions, as well as the Supplier Performance Award from Nifco America Corp.

Discover more about our dental and medical plastic injection molding capabilities and the industries we serve.

Our Expertise

Injection molding is a widely employed process for manufacturing a wide array of plastic components. It offers a cost-effective and dependable solution for transforming raw plastic materials into high-volume product outputs. While numerous companies offer injection molding services, you should seek more than just technical capabilities when seeking a trustworthy and long-term injection molding partner.

At World Class Plastics, Inc., we have the capacity to produce parts from various plastics with presses that exert up to 720 tons of force, all while adhering to ISO 9001 standards. However, what sets us apart is our exceptional customer service, dependable technical support, and cost-reducing automation. Our commitment revolves around building trust and fostering enduring relationships to develop strategies that cater to customer requirements.

In addition to injection molding, we offer various services, including engineering, mold and tool building, prototyping, automation, and quality assurance.

Medical and Dental Injection Molding

World Class Plastics, Inc. excels in providing injection molding for various dental and medical products. We collaborate with companies at different stages of development, especially in the early stages. Our customers present their vision for the end product, and we assist in turning that vision into reality by selecting the optimal materials that offer peak performance at minimal cost.

Plastic Injection Molding

Did you know that plastic injection molding is the leading process for producing medical supplies, melting medical-grade plastics, and their subsequent reshaping and molding into the desired form of medical equipment? This manufacturing process yields plastic medical devices and components, as plastic resin pellets are melted and injected into molds to create specific shapes.

Injection molding is particularly suitable for applications requiring high volumes of durable, precise, and sterilization-friendly parts.

Our injection molding equipment spans from 50 to 720 metric tons.

Medical Injection Molding

In the realm of medical injection molding, we excel in creating components for an array of applications. We also cater to a broad spectrum of medical plastic injection molding needs.

Injection molding proves to be the ideal choice for applications requiring high volumes of sturdy, precise, and sterilization-compatible parts.

Medical Applications

Medical injection molding serves a wide range of applications, including components for the following:

  • Dental X-ray housings and components
  • Catheter locks
  • One time use clamps and clips
  • Diagnostic testing kit components
  • Lab and clinic housings and casings
  • Hospital bed components
  • And more

The process is ideal for applications that demand high volumes of durable, precise, and sterilization-friendly parts.

Dental Injection Molding

World Class Plastics, Inc. makes parts for dental equipment manufacturers to help solve problems common to the field. To ensure products meet the expectations of their customers and regulatory standards, we work with our customers to manufacture to their requirements. These are tested and produced to ISO 9001:2015 requirements.

Composite and plastic filling instruments, also known as placement instruments, are designed for placing and contouring pliable restorative materials into cavity preparations and other dental procedures.

Dental Applications

Our capabilities include producing custom plastic dental injection molding for various applications such as:

  • Retainer cases
  • Clamps and clips
  • Staging light fixtures
  • Package dividers and cases
  • Lightweight and durable dental tools
  • And more

Benefits of Plastic Injection Molding

Plastic injection molding offers a plethora of distinctive advantages when compared to alternative plastic manufacturing processes. These advantages encompass:

  1. Compliance with FDA and Industry Standards: At World Class Plastics, Inc., we utilize medical-grade plastics in our plastic injection molding operations, ensuring that the produced components adhere to FDA guidelines. This commitment translates into improved patient outcomes. Additionally, our medical plastic parts require minimal finishing work compared to their metal counterparts, resist contamination, and are more straightforward to clean and sterilize.
  2. Traceability: In sectors such as medical, dental, and pharmaceuticals, the ability to trace and track parts is of paramount importance. World Class Plastics, Inc. excels in offering comprehensive part traceability capabilities. This empowers our customers with the confidence of real-time monitoring at every stage of the manufacturing process.
  3. Mechanical Properties: Injection-molded parts crafted from engineering-grade plastic resins exhibit physical properties that are on par with or even surpass those of metal components. These properties encompass high-temperature resistance, tensile strength, and robust durability.
  4. Material Waste Reduction: Although some material waste is inevitable in manufacturing, our meticulous waste management system allows us to recycle excess plastic, enhancing our overall sustainability and diminishing our environmental footprint.
  5. Color Customization: Working with uncolored virgin materials enables us to tailor the color of each component to precisely meet the customer’s requirements.
  6. High Volume Repeatability: In medical device manufacturing, the slightest deviations in dimensions, measured in millimeters or microns, can determine the difference between a functional component and a flawed one. Thus, precision and meticulous attention to detail are non-negotiable prerequisites in our manufacturing process.
  7. Cost Efficiency: Plastic injection molding emerges as a cost-effective manufacturing method, particularly for high-volume production. Our commitment to energy efficiency and the implementation of advanced automation further optimizes our utility and labor costs, resulting in significant cost savings.

These advantages collectively underscore the efficiency, reliability, and sustainability of plastic injection molding as a superior option for a wide array of manufacturing needs.

World Class Plastics: Your Trusted Injection Molding Partner

Injection molding stands as an indispensable manufacturing process in a multitude of essential industries. When obtaining top-quality components promptly and cost-effectively, it’s imperative to partner with a trusted injection molding provider. At World Class Plastics, Inc., we bring an extensive track record in plastic injection molding across diverse sectors. We invite you to contact us online or call (937) 843-4927 to discuss your requirements.