The engineering and design team at World Class Plastics, Inc. (WCPI) provides creative, comprehensive solutions for part design and performance, moldability, assembly, packaging, and price challenges. Our RJG Master Molder II-certified engineers thrive on finding the answers to the most troublesome problems, working closely with you to become a true part of your team. They have degrees in plastics, chemical, or mechanical engineering, and combine their expertise with advancements like Solidworks and other such computer-aided design (CAD) software for optimal results.

Read on to learn more about who we are and our extensive capabilities for injection mold design engineering, plastics design and manufacturing, and rapid prototyping.


Injection Mold Tooling Design & Engineering

Precisely engineered tooling is essential to any manufacturing operation. It ensures that the manufacturing process is efficient and equipment performs optimally while improving the quality of the final product. World Class Plastics can help with the plastic injection mold design for your tooling, as well as its engineering and production.

Injection mold tooling is paramount to the success of the injection molding process. It’s the design of the tooling that ultimately decides the accuracy and performance of the end product, from a straightforward part to the most complex configuration.

The primary objective when designing tooling is to build it so it can generate products with a high degree of manufacturability. A quality procedure can achieve this, one that is:

  • Effective, yet simple to carry out and maintain
  • Enduring for product longevity
  • Compliant with all industry and quality specifications with consideration given to cost efficiency


Multiple Applications of Injection Molding Design

An injection molding part design is established before the injection molding process, and we utilize precise industrial tooling to be used during the manufacturing process. However, proper plastic part designs are imperative so that we can address application requirements and any functional, structural, and processing issues. Additionally, it helps our customers by reducing lead times and lower production costs.

Typical applications of an injection molding design:

By solving complex issues that the applications present, we can produce world-class designs that are cost-effective, reliable, and meet industry standards. Our injection molding design team can assist you in producing injection molding part designs with tight tolerances, critical details, and intricate shapes.


Plastic Parts Design & Engineering

Designing plastic parts for manufacturing ensures components are made efficiently and with minimal waste. Design for manufacturing (DFM) in plastics is part artistry and part technology and science. DFM as a design process carefully considers best manufacturing practices; the proper equipment, tooling, and production techniques for the job; the ideal materials and material characteristics for the part; and more. By incorporating DFM into the injection molding process, the majority of production costs will be based on part design, giving you better budgetary control.

Ultimately, the goal is to produce a part design that fulfills users’ expectations for quality and cost, increasing customer satisfaction and profits while lowering per-unit manufacturing expenditures. World Class Plastics has helped design and engineer plastic parts for clients in various industries, including the medical, automotive, and consumer products sectors. As a plastic product designer, our company works closely with you to understand your needs and requirements and design and engineer plastic parts that meet those needs.

World Class Plastics Examples

Our team of plastics designers has numerous case studies of situations in which we were able to successfully help a customer navigate a problem. For example:

  • End users weren’t using one of our client’s parts properly. We assisted them in redesigning the component to prevent misuse and boost customer satisfaction.
  • One customer’s assembly component consisted of four molded parts. We came up with a modification that optimized the design, removing two of those components.
  • Another client required help with a material specification for their new application. Our team constructed a test mold and collaborated with our material suppliers to develop a blended material formulation that met their OEM requirements.


The Role of a Design Engineer in Plastic Injection Molding

Before manufacturing a plastic part, a solid design must be put in place. Once done, the injection mold tooling is built according to product specifications and requirements. In these instances, the design engineer is responsible for assessing the plastic part design.

Design engineers will make recommendations based on the critical requirements of the product, such as usage and functionality. Therefore, they will need to know the answers to the following questions:

  • Is the product standalone or a component of a larger assembly?
  • How will the part be used?
  • Will the product need to withstand different elements?

Once the engineer has gathered the necessary information, a suggested injection molding part design is offered with these criteria in mind. Our design engineers are fully equipped to handle any project, big or small. In addition to their extensive knowledge of the plastic injection molding industry and design processes, they come with a wide range of technical abilities, such as cutting-edge CAD software.


The Entire Process for Plastic Part Design

Quality plastics and engineering go hand in hand before a plastic part design is successfully created. We follow the best engineering and product development practices to ensure that our injection molding parts meet the highest quality standards and are delivered on time.

Understanding our process will increase your confidence in us and the product design. Below is a summarized list of essential steps our injection molding part design engineers take:

  • Determining the need of end-users: A thorough description of the end-use and specifications criteria is utilized throughout the product development process.
  • Concept sketch: We collaborate with product development specialists to give the best possible design suggestions back to our customers to allow the part to be Injection molded while maintaining or improving part function.
  • Material selection: Materials are compared to learn what application benefits will be achieved.
  • Prototyping: Once the suitable material has been chosen, prototyping can be done to get realistic results. We can create, test, and modify prototypes quickly and efficiently if more testing needs to be done.
  • Tooling and manufacturing: Once prototypes have been evaluated and modified, tooling is constructed. After testing the tools, manufacturing can begin.

Before the manufacturing process begins, our in-house engineers will assess your product design to identify potential issues before production. These will be done by following our streamlined approach to drive success to your projects.


Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping is an essential tool in the design process because it allows engineers to create, test, and refine prototypes quickly and efficiently. With our rapid prototyping capabilities and 3D printing for models, World Class Plastics can create an initial part in a short time frame for hands-on review and stakeholder involvement, as needed.

We can then address any necessary design changes early in the process, saving you time and money by bringing your product to market faster and managing product development costs. We minimize part failure risk by ensuring the design is optimized for best functionality prior to full-scale production.


Accepted File Types

To best serve you, we accept a variety of file types for your plastic products design creation. See the accompanying chart for details.


Custom Plastic Design & Mold Engineering

Designing and engineering custom plastic parts and molds can benefit your products and your budget. By working with a specialist in plastic mold engineering, you get the best product design and production process for your application, leading you to better results and a more successful business.

World Class Plastics is a one-stop shop for custom plastic products. Our highly experienced and qualified team will provide you with the design, engineering, technical, and tooling support you need to get your project started, solving any potential design issues before they can become costly mistakes. For more information about our capabilities, contact us today.