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Overcoming Challenges in Custom Injection Molding Projects through Proactive Design

Overcoming Challenges In Custom Injection Molding Projects Through Proactive Design

June 18, 2024

Custom injection molding offers an incredible versatility compared to other manufacturing processes, especially in terms of design, the properties of the materials being molded, and the customization available to customers. However, like any type of manufacturing, injection molding does come with its challenges, like the risks of warping and defects, difficulties with flow, and problems with mold ejection. And the more complex the part, the more difficult it is to avoid these problems.

The Importance of Good Design

Many of the challenges associated with custom injection molding projects can be addressed early on in the process–most often during the design phase. A large amount of effort goes into a custom molding project, both the part design and the design of the mold tooling as well, and there are several things to keep in mind when designing a part.

Avoid Certain Design Aspects

While injection molding can be used to create a wide variety of parts, certain designs are just not suited for it. For instance, characteristics like sharp corners and undercuts are very difficult and expensive to mold and can affect the ease at which the part is ejected, slowing down production and potentially causing damage to the part. Avoiding these design aspects where necessary will help lower costs and speed up production. 

Pay Close Attention to Wall Thickness

Wall thickness can also pose a challenge in custom injection molding. If the wall thickness of the part is uniform, then there’s usually no issue–a consistent wall thickness prevents the risk of warping during the molding process. Not all designs can account for this though, so if differences are necessary, then the transition in thickness should be smooth or tapered. This helps to avoid defects in the part. 

The actual thickness of the wall also plays a part in cost and end-use performance as well. Thinner walls will shorten cycle times and offer lower part costs, but if the material used to make it is not dimensionally stable enough, then the part could more easily suffer damage. 

Choose the Right Material

And speaking of material, this may seem simple enough in concept, but choosing the right material is vital. Certain thermoplastics are also easier to mold than others, have properties that are better suited to certain applications, and can be used to achieve specific tolerances and wall thicknesses. The right material can offer better performance and cost savings, as well as a more efficient custom injection molding process. 

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